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Emergency Response Services

As an environmental services company, WM has long assisted in cleaning up debris and materials following planned construction and demolition (C&D) projects, as well as in the aftermath of natural disasters.

In recent years, as a result of climate change, emergency events have become more common and more severe. The last few years have marked the most active hurricane season on record, with intense storms battering the southeastern United States. And in the West, devastating fires in multiple states made for the most destructive years for wildfires in history.

In a time of crisis or disaster, garbage, debris and recycling collection is central to a community’s cleanup and rebuilding. These crises pose challenges to our typical waste and recycling collection services—creating different types of waste that must be responsibly managed. To mitigate the impact of emergency events, and to speed up recovery, WM has established national strategies and support systems to assist local operations.

WM’s “Green Team” is a group of highly skilled drivers and technicians whose sole function is to assist areas impacted by natural disasters, weather events and other unforeseen circumstances where additional or supplemental resources are needed to maintain customer service expectations. Step-by-step guidance prepares our teams to respond safely and quickly. Each year, we review and update our disaster management plans, building on what we have learned to improve our response.

This work is both a function of our business and an obligation to the communities we serve. In addition to providing cleanup and disposal services, WM regularly provides team members and communities with the supplies and support they need to rebuild.

How WM Responds
to Natural Disasters

  • Communicating regularly with customers and team members
  • Delivering roll-off containers to assist in cleanup efforts
  • Increasing landfill capacity to accommodate debris
  • Providing on-the-ground support through our WM Green Team
  • Supporting affected employees with the WM Employee Cares Fund