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Always Working for A Sustainable Tomorrow

Our Sustainability Ambitions

WM is reinventing what's possible to enable a more sustainable world. Leveraging our infrastructure, innovation, and expertise, we're centering our sustainability vision for the future around three core ambitions: material is repurposed, energy is renewable, and communities are thriving.

We’re reimagining a circular economy. Material is REPURPOSED

We operate innovative recycling and waste solutions that fuel the continuous reuse of materials.

2030 Goals

Increase recovery of materials by


to 25 million tons¹

Interim milestone of a


increase by 2025

¹ Target increase is from a base year of 2021.

We’re innovating for climate progress.Energy is RENEWABLE

We leverage advanced technologies to turn waste into energy that powers communities and reduces emissions.

2030 Goals

Reduce absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions


by 2031 (science-based target)²

Target beneficial use of


of our captured landfill gas by 2026

² Target reduction is from a base year of 2021. The target boundary includes land-related emissions and removals from bioenergy feedstocks.

We’re empowering people to live sustainably.Communities are THRIVING

We collaborate to strengthen the resiliency of the diverse places where we live and work.

2030 Goals

Represent the communities we serve by increasing:

female representation

from front line to leadership roles

minority representation³

in manager and above roles

Reduce Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by


annually targeting 2.0 by 2030; and continued focus on prevention of serious injuries

Positively impact through targeted social impact programming

10 million

people in our communities by 2030, using the equivalent of 2% of our net income

³ Minority representation references both racial and ethnic characteristics self-identified by team members.

Our Sustainability Ambitions in Action

We believe our ambitions will enable us to meet our sustainability and corporate objectives and open up a new horizon — one where more materials can be reused, our advanced energy systems power both our trucks and cities, and our people and communities are empowered to thrive through education and conservation initiatives.
Tara Hemmer, Chief Sustainability Officer

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10% reduction in direct greenhouse gas emissions

Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions from a 2021 baseline

45% beneficial use of captured landfill gas

of renewable energy generated

$561 million

invested in growing recycling and renewable energy solutions

14.8 million tons

of material recovered

$15.9 million

in philanthropic contributions

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