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Energy Use

WM seeks solutions to improve energy efficiency in our facilities by implementing a range of technologies and best practices that reduce environmental impacts, improve operational efficiencies and achieve cost savings.

For example, we are working with our energy solutions partner to increase the use of sources such as wind, solar, waste heat and landfill gas to power and heat many of our facilities. Our 2025 goal calls for the facilities we operate to use 100% renewable electricity.

WM also looks for opportunities to support renewable energy adoption by others. In 2021, we hosted over 50 MW solar electricity in support of U.S. EPA’s RE-Powering America’s Land initiative, which encourages renewable energy development on current and formerly contaminated lands, landfills and mine sites, when it is aligned with the community’s vision for the site. Additionally, we host wind power turbines at closed landfills.

Sustainability at WM Headquarters

WM opened our new corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, which is certified LEED Platinum for the build-out of our office space, including use of low-emitting materials, advanced energy metering, indoor water use reduction, sustainably made furniture and optimization of energy performance. The building will offset 100% of its electricity consumption with renewable energy and is located near local metro lines and bus routes to encourage use of public transportation.

New WM facilities are built in line with U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Even when projects do not seek formal certification, we align closely with LEED standards.

WM Energy Mix

Consumption of Fuel

  • 1,763,896 MWh from
    renewable sources
  • 7,389,804 MWh from
    non-renewable sources
  • 9,153,700 Total MWh

Consumption of Purchased

  • 188,542 MWh from
    renewable sources
  • 502,594 MWh from
    non-renewable sources
  • 691,136 Total MWh

Total Energy Consumption

  • 1,952,438 MWh from
    renewable sources
  • 7,892,398 MWh from
    non-renewable sources
  • 9,844,836 Total MWh

Electricity Consumption Data by Business Division

Through the UBM system, WM can pull data by business division.

Market Area Electricity (kWh)
WM of Canada 32,711,396
WM of Capitol Area 66,260,074
WM of Florida 41,605,027
WM of Four Corners 29,612,792
WM of Great Lakes 43,027,702
WM of Greater Mid Atlantic 65,715,068
WM of Gulf Coast 29,271,644
WM of Heartland 50,262,516
WM of Mid-South 21,044,129
WM of New England 28,925,451
WM of Northern California and Nevada 17,037,583
WM of Pacific Northwest BC 31,884,999
WM of South Atlantic 23,909,727
WM of Southern California 36,671,964
WM of Texas Oklahoma 30,548,563
WM of Upper Midwest 32,282,889
Closed Sites 13,005,721
Corporate Office 5,918,258
Energy and Environmental Services 302,409
Investments and Other Business 1,075,546
WM Renewable Energy 89,797,969
WM SBS 264,878
Total 691,136,305

*Corporate includes the following enterprise-wide support locations: Corporate Offices, Call Centers, Data Centers, Training Centers, and WM Aviation.