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CORe® Organics Processing

CORe® is WM’s proprietary organics recycling process that converts food waste into EBS®, an organic slurry product used to generate green energy.

Through CORe®, we collect commercial food waste from restaurants, schools, food processing plants and grocery stores, screen it to remove contaminants such as plastic, packaging and bones, and blend the waste into an engineered slurry. The slurry is injected into treatment facility digesters in existing wastewater treatment infrastructure. This process increases the biogas produced by the digester by as much as 90% without notably increasing its residual digestate. This gas can then be used as a renewable power source.

The WM CORe® Process

Adding additional organic material in the form of engineered slurry to anaerobic digesters in a water treatment plant typically increases energy output from 50% to 100% or more.

  • WM’s CORe® process is a local, urban solution that converts food material into our EBS® product through our proprietary process.
  • EBS® is a high-quality, consistent product, removing more than 99% of the physical contaminants found in urban waste.
  • The EBS® product is used to create renewable, sustainable energy helping local partners approach zero waste.