We are committed to consistent public disclosure and discussion of our own progress through the publication of a sustainability report every two years. In off years, we update key data and content to the most recent full year. The following site covers subject matter for 2015 and early 2016. To view our 2017 update summary, please click here.


2016 Sustainability Report

Leading Change

Reinvigorating the Spirit of
Environmental Stewardship


Changing times call for new ways of thinking and smarter ways of working.

Waste Streams


So that our efforts – ALL our efforts –
drive the
greatest environmental benefits
at a reasonable cost.

And that requires leading

A new type of

Start by considering the many ways
we collect and
process waste.

Each of these activities reduces GHG
emissions to varying degrees

And each has a cost associated
with that reduction

We also must consider the entire lifecycle of products and packaging and how virgin materials and energy is consumed.

All in all, here’s what
we are learning….

We can achieve


of GHG emissions reductions by diverting just


of the total waste stream.

When it comes to recycling…
Paper reduces GHG emissions the most.

Then Metal

Then Plastic

Followed by Food

With Glass providing much smaller benefits.

When we consider this equation the conversation starts to evolve.

We begin that conversation in our
2016 Sustainability Report.

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