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Year in Review

Always Working
for a Sustainable Tomorrow

I’m pleased to be addressing you for the first time as WM’s first Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and to present our 2021 Sustainability Report.

As part of WM’s executive leadership team for the past several years, and as a WM employee responsible for leading and implementing environmental programs for much longer, I am deeply committed to WM’s sustainability journey.

In a year of change and challenge, WM invested in its environmental services, including building new recycling facilities, increasing production and use of renewable natural gas and developing new technologies that provide alternatives to landfill disposal. We also completed a deep dive into our Inclusion, Equity & Diversity efforts, strengthened our Commitments & Values through targeted outreach and increased our focus on environmental justice.

Expectations of businesses like WM will only increase as the sustainability landscape continues to evolve. In my role as CSO, I look forward to growing the sustainability-focused services that WM provides while reducing our own carbon emissions, helping our customers meet their sustainability goals and unlocking new solutions that will help our company and communities throughout North America thrive. We’ll continue to share our successes—and inspire others to follow—at the annual WM Sustainability Forum.

As a parent, I am acutely aware of the importance of leaving the world a better place for future generations. WM’s investments in sustainability are the most important ones we can make, and there’s no time like today to start shaping a sustainable tomorrow.

Tara Hemmer
Chief Sustainability Officer