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Year in Review

WM At-A-Glance (as of and for the year ended
December 31, 2020)

Waste Management, Inc. or WM (NYSE: WM)1, based in Houston, Texas, is the leading provider of comprehensive environmental services in North America.

COVID-19 began to impact our business in March 2020, affecting most geographies and a variety of our customer types throughout the rest of the year. On October 30, 2020, we completed our acquisition of Advanced Disposal Services (ADS). The results of these impacts are reflected in our 2020 data. Our services and solutions allow us to create the following benefits for shareholders and communities:

48,250 team members
$15.2B total revenue
$1.6B capital expenditures
$3.4B cash from operations
$1.3B returned to shareholders
Landfills and Transfer Facilities
348 transfer facilities
263 active solid
waste landfills
5 active hazardous
waste landfills
Environmental Conservation
75 certified wildlife
habitat programs
185 active habitat, species
and education certified
63 pollinator
14,709 acres actively managed
for wildlife preservation
Recycling Facilities
52 single-stream
recycling facilities
30 commercial facilities
38 organics composting/
mulch/wood waste facilities
4 CORe® organics processing facilities
12 bale/transfer/buy-back/
dedicated customer processing facilities
9 construction and demolition recycling facilities
Community Vitality
$14.2M in charitable giving
$1.2M in-kind services donated
860 community events hosted
and/or participated in by WM2
10,388 alternative fuel vehicles
104 landfill gas-to-
electricity facilities
16 landfill gas-to-natural-
gas facilities
26 landfill gas-to-industrial customers as a direct substitute for fossil fuels
171 natural gas fueling stations
with 25 public stations
57,565 people, including K-12 youth and college students, participated in WM-hosted education and community betterment activities, while following COVID-19
safety protocols2
  1. Waste Management, Inc. is a holding company, and all operations are conducted by its subsidiaries. References to “Waste Management,” “the Company” or “WM” refer to Waste Management, Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries, unless context provides otherwise.
  2. The number of people we were able to reach through community events and educational activities was lower in 2020 than in years past due to COVID-19.