The 2019 update to our 2018 Sustainability report is available here.

The following site covers subject matter through 2018.

Better Workforce


The importance of our people and the skill sets they bring to work each day cannot be overstated. Education and training are part of talent development — but proactive management to recognize good work and support opportunities for growth and improvement are also important. We are cultivating this through our talent management program to reach managers and employees at all levels. Hiring, selecting and developing future leaders, as well as evaluating our employees in alignment with our values, is standard across the enterprise.

Waste Management’s talent management program provides continual learning opportunities in areas such as professional development, sales, leadership, technical training and compliance training. We take a “learner-centric” approach with a mix of options, including face-to-face training and conversation, as well as mobile and online communications. Our talent management program consists of three major components:

  • Performance management core areas: goal setting, check-in conversations and annual performance evaluations. The program sets accountability expectations for employees with the understanding that progress is monitored throughout the year.
  • Talent reviews and succession planning are designed to recognize and reward high-performing and hard-working employees. Waste Management has identified definitions for “high potentials” and “high performers,” which are used throughout the company to ensure we set high standards — and equal standards — for our leaders of today and tomorrow.
  • Training and development is provided to all employees who participate in both traditional formal training programs and real-time training utilizing technology. Read more on our Training and Development programs in our Training section and in the Workforce Appendix.