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Carbon Impact

Materials management solutions play an important role in mitigating emissions that contribute to climate change. Our actions to decrease emissions reduce our contribution to climate change, while ensuring that we remain resilient to climate impacts. These efforts encompass a broad and ongoing focus for our company.

Our efforts to reduce emissions are multidimensional, including recycling, which leads to a conservation of energy and decrease in emissions associated with mining and processing of virgin materials; production of renewable energy at our organics facilities and landfills; use of renewable energy in our fleet and operations to displace the use of fossil fuel; and the hosting of solar energy facilities at closed landfills.

To make progress in each of these areas, Waste Management continues to commit resources to develop new technologies, deploy technology solutions and programs to reduce emissions from our operations, engage in policy discussions at the federal and state level, support strategies to reduce emissions associated with our industry, take action to mitigate risk, actively engage in education and outreach efforts and manage material responsibly to protect our environment and our communities.

“Waste Management is committed to taking bold steps to do our part to solve man-made environmental problems—and we’ve developed attainable goals to help us achieve them.” Jim Fish, CEO

How Waste Management Is
Addressing Climate Change

Waste Management has the opportunity to do our part to tackle climate change through reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our landfills, fleet and facilities, through the recycling services we provide our customers and the renewable natural gas generated at our landfills. We continue to develop and implement solutions to reduce our own and our customers’ carbon footprints, including:


  • Providing climate-related sustainability consulting services to customers who want to reduce their carbon footprints
  • Helping create new markets for recycled products
  • Educating customers on how and what to recycle

Recycling Services

  • Investing in technology to improve the quality of recycled material that we sell
  • Focusing on recycling materials that provide the greatest GHG reduction benefits
  • Turning food waste into energy or compost
  • Purchasing products made with recycled content

Fleet Transformation

  • Transitioning our fleet to near zero emission natural gas vehicles
  • Using renewable fuel, including landfill gas, in our fleet
  • Piloting electric vehicles
  • Using smart logistics technologies to reduce fleet miles traveled
  • Using hybrid dozers at our landfills

Renewable Energy

  • Creating renewable electricity and fuel from biogas at our landfills
  • Creating renewable energy from food waste at our CORe® facilities
  • Hosting solar farms and turbines at our landfills for renewable electricity generation into the electric grid
  • Using renewable electricity at our sites