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Waste Management Sustainability Services

As one of the leading environmental service and solutions companies in the world, we are experts at optimizing efficient operations, minimizing environmental impact, instilling a culture of safety and accelerating performance. We leverage this expertise to customers across a wide range of industries through Waste Management Sustainability Services (WMSS), a longer-term advisory and implementation team that drives customer-focused results such as operational cost savings, environmental compliance, stakeholder engagement and corporate sustainability. By working with WMSS, customers gain access to Waste Management’s resources, technologies and innovations, including operational strategies to mitigate the total cost of environmental program ownership.

Our diverse team of experts—including top executives, engineers, scientists, analysts and innovators—closely collaborates with a customers’ organization onsite and/or remotely to ensure that customer-approved environmental services, sustainable solutions and programs are executed to drive measurable value. WMSS is a single customer resource to centrally implement and manage solutions, programs, vendors and billing.

WMSS’s engagement model often involves five focus areas:


Comprehensive assessment of challenges, program requirements and cost saving opportunities

Strategic Development

Customized solutions for on-site and/or remote services


Program implementation to manage solutions, minimize risk and recover value from waste streams


To maximize stakeholder engagement and participation in programs


Data centralization and management for progress and opportunity transparency

Measuring Customer Success

WMSS’s services are designed to take our customers’ sustainability initiatives to the next level — regardless of where they are on their sustainability journey. We look at customer success through three lenses: efficiencies and cost savings, environmental footprint reduction and safety.

Designed for large, complex facilities, customized and proactive industrial waste management strategies offset overall environmental program expenses. Our single-point-of-contact experts work upstream into customers’ processes that generate significant waste, seeking ways to minimize costs and capture byproducts at their highest point of value.

For some customers, the best options for sustainable materials management involve leveraging both Waste Management’s local assets and a broader network of third-party specialized providers. In this regard, we can serve as both broker and asset provider to increase efficiencies and meet customer goals for maximum reuse and recycling. WMSS is an ISO 14001- and ISO 9001-certified division of Waste Management, providing dedicated project management resources to assist customers in meeting their goals. Industries served include:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial Properties
  • Construction
  • Events & Venues
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Metals
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Public Sector
  • Retail Transportation & Logistics
  • Utility

Sustainable Innovation Workshops

Sustainable Innovation Workshops are designed to train customers to develop the insight necessary to make sustainability-driven, value-minded business decisions. The workshop is a facilitated session between WMSS and a customer that focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of business objectives and challenges, culminating in a collaborative roadmap to achieve goals. WMSS engages stakeholders from various parts of a company to facilitate the process of strategy development. In addition to representatives of customer environmental teams in energy and operations, transportation, and waste and recycling, the workshop integrates representatives from other departments such as corporate leadership, procurement, reverse logistics, human resources and marketing to learn how various programs integrate with overall company policies and practices.

We begin by providing an overview of industry trends and shared insights based on our experience in the marketplace to determine our customers’ sustainability goals and discuss strategies to help them achieve these goals. Having conducted a gap analysis of the customer’s data and current programs, WMSS can provide specific recommendations and probe for feedback on future sustainability initiatives. By using an interactive, dialogue-based approach, both parties can understand challenges and discuss opportunities where collaboration can help drive value.

The benefits to customers participating in a Sustainable Innovation Workshop include the ability to benchmark against other leaders in their industry and to discover new ideas and strategies to transform their business. In addition, having a cross-functional team in one place allows for identification of solutions to multiple challenges at once, thus helping to achieve goals in an expedited fashion and sustain project momentum while saving time and money.

Process Solutions

We consult with customers across industries on a systematic approach to build on existing processes, infuse environmental best practices and cultural improvements and enhance an organization’s ability to implement healthier, more sustainable practices into its operations.

WMSS conducts comprehensive reviews of the social, environmental and economic impact of our customers’ businesses. Through reviews, we generate recommendations for cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency, resource management, waste diversion and disposal. Then, we develop detailed roadmaps for eliminating waste and executing this strategy on-site, often through reduced demand for source material and increased recycling.

Our operational team then collaborates with customers seeking sole-source suppliers with the infrastructure and expertise to execute national waste reduction programs. With their understanding of each customer’s operations and unique challenges, experts can deliver low-risk, high-value solutions to complex environmental, business, safety and regulatory needs.

Analytical Solutions

Measuring environmental, social and economic impacts helps customers assess progress and provides valuable data to use as a baseline in understanding the environmental impact of materials management decisions. WMSS offers customers a portfolio of tools to measure, manage and communicate sustainability progress and goals, with the knowledge that accurate and clearly communicated data analysis is imperative to making strategic decisions.

This effort is led by our Nexus team, comprised of skilled developers, analysts and project managers who recognize, research, develop and implement technology and reporting solutions. The Nexus team provides solutions to customer challenges through services such as customized web-based business intelligence platforms, streamlined invoicing solutions, automated reporting, app and web development and comprehensive data analysis. Software and analytics platforms that we deploy include:

  • ENSPIRE® — A proprietary online business intelligence platform that aggregates and repackages raw sustainability data into one interactive dashboard. Waste Management customers use ENSPIRE® as a platform to consolidate their waste data from the U.S., Canada and Europe for full transparency and ease of reporting. It helps them understand how waste management choices impact their environmental footprint including GHG emissions and allows them to set goals for GHG reduction, reuse and recycling.
  • Sustainability TrackerSM — A leaner version of ENSPIRE®, this tool is designed for smaller customers who want to focus on specific key performance indicators in a condensed format for quick data evaluation.
  • INSIGHTS — This technology generates customized scorecards based on our customers’ schedule. Customers automatically have the information they need to make important operational decisions.
  • Diversion and Recycling Tracking (DART®) — Our construction group’s DART® tool helps project planners, contractors, architects and building owners set green performance targets and measures their progress during construction, renovation and demolition projects.

Certifications & Standards

Many of our customers seek external verification of their sustainability efforts to validate the credibility of their efforts and avoid perceptions of greenwashing. WMSS serves as a guide through this process, including advising on these third-party rating and certification systems:

  • BOMA 360
  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Council for Responsible Sport Certifications
  • ENERGY STAR Certifications
  • Golf Environmental Organization Certifications
  • Green Globes Certifications
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • The WELL Building Standard
  • TRUE Zero Waste Certification
  • UL Zero Waste Validations

Measuring Customer Success

WMSS’s services are designed to take our customers’ sustainability initiatives to the next level — regardless of where they are on their sustainability journey. We look at customer success through three lenses: efficiencies and cost savings, environmental footprint reduction and safety.

WMSS Customer Cost Savings

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2019 WMSS Customer Engagement Index

“How likely are you to recommend WM Sustainability Services to a friend or business colleague?”

70 percent of WMSS customers “definitely will” recommend WMSS to a friend or business colleague, exceeding our ISO goal of 60 percent “definitely will” responses to this customer satisfaction question.