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Environmental Services


When I was a little girl, my dad had big trucks. From a young age, I fell in love with trucks too.”

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Waste is an inevitable byproduct of everyday life. And while waste can be a problem if it’s handled improperly, end-of-life materials can also be a source of new value.

As the leading environmental service and solutions company in North America, WM’s role is to help customers dispose of the waste they generate in the most environmentally responsible and valuable ways possible. We serve residential customers, small businesses, large corporations, manufacturing companies, universities and large public venues by collecting, transporting and finding new uses for the waste they generate. In addition, we offer consulting services that help customers waste less and operate more sustainably.

WM Services and Solutions

  • Collecting trash, recycling and organic waste from homes and businesses.
  • Operating materials recovery facilities (MRFs) where materials like paper, metal, glass and some plastics are sorted to be transformed into new goods.
  • Operating organics processing facilities where food and yard waste are converted into compost and energy.
  • Operating landfills where, in many cases, the gas generated by decomposing waste is processed into renewable energy.
  • Safely handling specialized waste streams, like fly ash, electronics and industrial and medical waste.
  • Evaluating reduction and recycling service options and managing customers’ programs on site through WM Sustainability Services.
  • Helping sports stadiums and other large event venues divert waste and operate more sustainably.
  • Developing new programs and solutions for textile recycling.
  • Educating customers on ways to reduce waste and recycle right.
  • Developing and promoting new markets for recycled materials.
  • Offering temporary dumpster rental and business waste compaction services.

To help us push the envelope, our supply chain team has internal sustainability goals to create innovative partnerships with vendors and tracks the associated spend in our ESG Data Center. Our customers’ expectations for efficiency and convenience are changing, so WM is investing in technology to meet their needs. This list will continue to evolve and grow as we increase the solutions available to our customers.

Technology to Streamline Customer Solutions

We have committed to end-to-end customer service digitalization (CSD), which is making us a more agile business and transforming the way customers interact with WM. Customers have told us that they want transparency and ease of use in their interactions, which is why we created a new digital platform that allows them to connect with us through their channel of choice. Now, they can easily sign up for services, set preferences, manage payments and get status updates in real time.

CSD is creating increased customer loyalty as well as benefitting WM. Route optimization helps drivers complete their services more efficiently, and increased automation of everyday tasks allows dispatchers to focus on handling exceptions. These improvements create a more consistent and reliable service experience for our customers.

The pandemic has also proven the value of our investments in CSD. During a time when businesses experienced unprecedented disruptions, waste volumes shifted from commercial toward residential settings, and many customers transitioned rapidly to remote work, the ability to connect with WM anytime, anywhere was essential. This period of disruption created an opportunity for us to change business processes for the better, and WM will continue to seek new ways to work more efficiently to better serve our customers. Details on WM Customer Service and Satisfaction can be found in our ESG Resource Hub.


When I was a little girl, my dad had big trucks. From a young age, I fell in love with trucks too.”

Jennifer King has set two major goals in her career: first, becoming a truck driver. And second, making people smile.

King achieved her first goal more than 20 years ago when she received her commercial driver’s license. She was one of only a few women drivers in the industry and spent over a decade driving buses and delivery trucks. When King and her husband moved to Southern California and she saw an open driver position at WM, she jumped at the chance. Five years later, she’s reached both of her goals: driving the biggest, coolest trucks while bringing joy to her customers every day.

As a residential collection driver, King makes between 1,100 and 1,400 stops on her route each day. “That might seem like a lot, but for me, it’s 1,100 opportunities to connect with my customers,” she says.

King is always thinking of new ways to spread cheer along her route. “One Christmas, I put on a Santa hat and gave a candy cane to everyone I saw.” She loved the reaction from her customers so much that she started carrying lollipops on her routes every day, handing them out to kids and adults alike. She’s also made stopping for short conversations and photos with kids part of her daily routine.

When new families move into the neighborhoods on her route, she stops to teach them how to recycle their moving boxes at the curb. She takes her role as an environmental ambassador seriously, patiently answering her customers’ questions about how to recycle right.

King hopes these interactions will set a positive example for kids starting to think about their own careers. “Hopefully one day they’ll say, ‘I want to be like her. I want to help people smile,’” she says.

“Every day is a chance to put a smile on someone’s face, and that’s what makes me excited about tomorrow.”