The 2019 update to our 2018 Sustainability report is available here.

The following site covers subject matter through 2018.

Better Company

Mix of

Disclosure and reporting can lead to consensus across our industry about how to better inform the public of the kinds of services provided by waste and recycling companies.

Over the past several years, Waste Management has engaged with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) on consensus means to inform the public of the kinds of service provided by the waste and recycling segment of the Infrastructure Sector. Waste Management supports this effort to improve the transparency and utility of sustainability reporting. In this vein, we have replaced our previous “Mix of Business” reporting distinguishing forms of “green” service and instead provide the breakdown of services provided and materials handled per customer type that SASB recommends.

Waste Management serves 20 million customers each year. For obvious reasons, our curbside recycling and disposal services have the largest number of individual customers, 18.3 million. We also serve 1.2 million commercial and industrial customers ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. We serviced 2,645 municipal contracts in 2017.

Mix of Service by
Customer Category

(number of customers)
  • Residential: 18,300,000
  • Commercial: 1,005,671
  • Industrial: 199,988
  • Other: 174,050
  • Municipal: 2,645