Training & Development

Following is an overview of training and development programs for our employees who work in two of our most critical areas: landfill disposal and fleet.

Employees who staff our landfill disposal sites may choose from courses such as the following:

  • Landfill Manager Training builds a foundational understanding of the issues most important in day-to-day landfill operations.
  • Air Permitting and Compliance E-Learning provides a basis for understanding regulatory requirements related to air emissions and pollutants.
  • Gas Collection and Control System Design and Construction provides standards for design strategy and design components to produce efficient and cost-effective landfill gas control systems.
  • Introduction to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management teaches participants about GHGs, including what they are, how they originate, how emissions work and what Waste Management is doing to reduce our impact.
  • Basics of Landfill Gas Learning Collection provides a basic knowledge about landfill gas.
  • Low Voltage Electrical Safety teaches employees safety procedures for working around electricity, including checking voltage, resetting breakers and more.
  • Air Permitting and Compliance provides a foundation to understand regulatory compliance for our landfill facilities.
  • Landfill Gas Safe Work Practices provides basic knowledge about safe work practices when working in and around landfill gas.
  • Several more progressive development programs are designed specifically for landfill gas technicians and gatehouse attendants.

Typical courses that our fleet personnel may choose as part of their learning and development include:

  • Fleet 101: a workshop for new fleet leaders to learn skills required to manage a fleet; Fleet 201 builds upon competencies learned in the 100-level class.
  • Technician Air Brake: an on-site field course designed to develop and standardize maintenance programs; a similar class is geared toward educating drivers on the functions and inspections of air brake systems.
  • Basic Hydraulics for Refuse Bodies: field course designed to teach participants about the design and maintenance of the hydraulics features of our fleet.
  • Compass M5: 15 modules in Waste Management University about shop processes.
  • Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Awareness: course to enhance awareness of control of hazardous energy and work under the protection of a LOTO permit; another course is geared toward authorized persons who perform or supervise work requiring a LOTO permit.
  • Hazard Energy Control Programs: three courses offered in our Hazard Energy Control program to train different levels of employees on working around Hazard Energy Controls.
  • Hands-on training at our Florida Training Center: Read more about fleet safety training in the Workplace section of this report.