waste reduction

Waste Management Sustainability Services (WMSS) is an ISO 14001/ISO 9001 certified team of experts — executives, scientists, architects and innovators — committed to helping customers innovate and optimize to create sustainable businesses. This team leads customers to develop and implement a range of complex and ever-adapting programs to meet sustainability, regulatory and cost-saving initiatives. In the process, customers have full access to Waste Management’s resources, technologies and innovations, which comprise the leading portfolio of environmental solutions in North America.

WMSS’s operations and integrated consulting capabilities include materials planning, recycling, waste disposal and compliance, all while driving cost savings by implementing continuous improvement, investing in emerging technologies and leveraging economies of scale. We combined our understanding of customers’ sustainability challenges with our experience with the logistics of environmental services of all kinds to create ENSPIRE, an interactive analytic interface for accessing and evaluating data. Key measures of continuous improvement for our customers are tracked in three areas: Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Cost Savings.

Safety is the primary metric used to measure continuous improvement. We have an experienced team of safety professionals to assist field personnel with developing site-specific health and safety plans. In 2015, our business units working at customer locations worked 2.5 million hours per year with a total recordable injury rate of 0.72.

In 2015, we delivered savings in excess of 10 percent of revenues in nearly a third of customer plants where we have service engagements. For six of our industrial customers, four of which are original equipment manufacturers, cost savings exceeded $1 million each. WMSS’s experienced consultants are an important compliment to Waste Management’s service solutions for customers with sustainability goals, whether on-site or off-site, and whether national in scope or in a particular service area.