Environmental Expenditures

As an environmental service infrastructure provider, our environmental expenditures are necessarily interrelated with our operations. These expenditures include compliance, environmental protection, control and research costs, as well as the capital and operating costs for our waste-handling options – from waste reduction and reuse consultation to recycling, waste-to-energy and disposal facility construction and operation. Our environmental expenditures for the reporting period are shown below.

Environmental Expenditures1

Year Environmental costs (millions) Total annual expenses (millions) Percentage of environmental
costs to total expenses
2010 $3,999.1 $10,338.6 38.7%
2011 $4,182.1 $11,256.1 37.2%
2012 $4,490.1 $11,798.3 38.1%
2013 $4,644.1 $12,904.3 36.0%
2014 $4,521.0 $11,697.0 38.7%
2015 $4,050.0 $10,916.3 37.1%

1 Includes costs associated with the environmentally responsible management of waste and the creation of renewable fuel. Excludes costs associated with sales; general collection operational and administrative cost; merger costs; and unusual items.