Though our operations span 21 million customers in the U.S. and Canada, we are very much a local business that is an integral part of the communities we serve. We want to help make our communities, cities, towns and counties better places to work and live – today and for the future. To do so, we support events, programs and organizations that are as varied as the thousands of communities and individuals we serve.

We concentrate on initiatives that enhance our environment, promote education and improve the livability of our communities, all of which tie to our 2020 sustainability targets to increase recycling, produce renewable energy, reduce fleet emissions and preserve wildlife habitat.

We have long been involved in environmental projects that preserve and protect healthy ecosystems, and we optimize our work with national organizations such as Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC). Their respective national programs allow us to have local impact at hundreds of sites across our operating areas. Our employees also work in partnership with community-based groups, as well as conservationists, universities and environmental organizations, to support healthy ecosystems.


certified Wildlife Habitat Council projects

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tons of customer recycling recovered through Recycle Corps

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Community Outreach

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To be a trusted and valued community partner.


Preserving the environment and increasing the environmental services we provide through the cultivation of goodwill, education, open communication and the development of strategic relationships with the communities where we operate, serve or want to serve.

Community Outreach Focus Areas